Our sleeping mat for babies is designed with the latest sleeping technology. In particular, it is crafted to mimic the sounds and sensations of the mother’s womb. 

In this way, we help your little one sleep faster, better and for longer. Featuring six different settings for the vibrations, reduce crying and colic when it comes to nap time with our innovative and classic sleeping mat. 

You can also rest assured that we’ve designed our sleeping mat for babies in line with safety standards in the UK and Australia. Beyond just helping your baby get the sleep they need, keeping them safe and healthy is just as important to us. 

While your baby dozes, we make sure they’re safe and comfortable.

In this process, we know that you may like to go all out for your little one. That’s why we’ve produced the NapNap Mat in four different colours. Choose something that brightens up your baby’s life and yours!

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