Bringing Joy and Comfort to Infants and Parents all over the world through Technology, Innovation and Design.


NapNap Mat is brought to Australia and New Zealand by an Australian company founded and run by Australian mums. After seeing the success of the Napnap Mat in countries overseas, including in NICUs in hospitals, the Napnap Mat can now help Aussie mums too!

Napnap Mat was invented in 2018 by two qualified engineers (ex NEU, MIT, NUS, Korea Uni), passionate product designers and serial entrepreneurs. The need to invent came from the experience of seeing a near and dear one struggle with their pre-term baby’s distress where neither the baby nor the parents were able to sleep. After preparing the first prototype within a month, the little one was instantly soothed! After feedback from over a hundred more parents and several iterations later, NapNap Mat was launched as it is today.

NapNap Mat’s vision is to solve real-world parenting problems by creating functional, simple and elegantly designed products. The products are founded in proven science, meticulously engineered and are complemented by contemporary and tasteful aesthetics.

It strives to make a new parent’s life easier by helping them tackle the big boulders of parenthood, so that they can spend more time and effort enjoying the presence of their baby.

When used together with our vibrating baby mattress, our nursing cover helps parents explore life with their newborns. From helping them sleep quicker, better and for longer to feeding them in comfort and privacy when you’re out, we help you do it all. 

Give your baby the best and make your life easier with innovative baby care products. In this process, never compromise on your little one’s safety and wellbeing. These values are at the heart of what we do at NapNap Mat.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”   – Plato