A – Z Baby Sleep | Part-1

Want to help your baby get a good night’s sleep? Here are 26 amazing tricks and tips that can help your little one go to bed happily.


A For Avoid Active Play

Your baby needs to be in a relaxed mood before bedtime. Animated eye contact or games excite the baby leaving them stimulated, rather than drowsy and ready to take a nap. 😴

B For Bedtime

Are you paying enough attention to your baby’s bedtime hygiene? 😴 Sleeping right is as important for babies as is feeding and eating right. Make sure you take care of your baby’s bedtime everything – routine, environment, schedule and more.

C For Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is very popular as it allows parents to enjoy nigh time closeness with their baby. It also makes feeding and resettling the baby during the night easier. However, one should be aware of the dangers and implement necessary safety precautions such as –

✨ Make sure the baby’s head is uncovered

✨ Use light-weight blankets, not heavy duvets

✨ Place your baby beside one parent, not between parents

D For Dreamfeed

Does your baby wake up at night hungry? 👶 Dream feed might help. A dream feed refers to feeding the baby while they’re still sleeping, instead of waiting for them to wake up hungry. Typically, dream feed is done around 10 or 11pm, before you go to bed for the night. The idea is that a baby will sleep longer through the night and, ideally, until morning on a full stomach.

E for Empty The Crib

Keep your baby’s bed free of everything but the cutest thing in the room, your baby. Stuffed animals, cushions and side pillows can be hazardous, increasing the odds of suffocation or choking. A fitted sheet is all that is required on the mattress. One should also ensure that the covers/blankets reach no higher than the shoulders of the baby.👶🏻

F For Fragrance

Lavender is known to calm the mind and help you fall asleep. A drop of Lavender oil on a piece of cloth, placed near the crib, would help your baby sleep better.👶🏻

G For Gentle Gestures

Babies may not be able to communicate much, however, they are very sensitive to gestures. 🤱🏻 They identify your facial gestures and strokes. So be gentle with your baby before nap time. Use reassuring strokes, do not make animated gestures and try not to expose them to any loud noise.

H For Hands On

Are you taking care of your baby all by yourself? Encourage the father to a more active role in parenting. 👨‍👧‍👦 They should also know and participate in diaper changing, feeding, putting to sleep and more. Sharing workload will help the baby connect with the father better and also assist. 🤱🏻

I For Individual

Each baby is unique so don’t be disheartened by stories of other babies sleeping longer or better. All babies are individuals and will develop their own patterns. Understand what works the best for your baby and keep at it. 🌟

J For Jammies

Comfy PJs are anyone’s best friend, sleep or no sleep. While your baby looks astonishingly cute in those frilly frocks, a sleepy baby needs the most comfy, soft pajamas to nap in.😴

K For Keeping Cool

Does your baby often get sweaty and cranky because of heat and humidity? The babies room should be cool at all points of time. Make your baby wear cool cotton clothes to allow your baby’s skin to breathe and prevent discomfort and irritation. Also ensure you don’t have extra bedding on. 👶🏻

L For Lights Out

A dark room is a conducive environment to put your baby to sleep. Forgo the nightlights and use dark curtains or blackout shades to simulate nighttime. Bright light often disturbs the baby.👶🏻


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