Paying off the Sleep Debt

When you fail to get your required amount of adequate sleep you begin to accumulate a sleep debt. for example, if you need seven hours of sleep nightly to feel awake and alert and only get five hours, you’ve got a sleep debt of two hours. If you continue that pattern for 5 nights, you’ve got an accumulated sleep debt of ten hours.The only way to erase a sleep debt is to get more sleep. depending on the scale of sleep debt, it may take a while to recover completely. However, the positive effects of paying this debt off will be felt quickly.

To pay back a sleep debt, it’s necessary to begin getting the sleep you need, and an extra hour or so per night, till the debt is paid. Afterwards, the required amount of sleep can be resumed without the extra hour.

Even if the sleep debt is hundreds or even thousands of hours, it can still be successfully reconciled with a conscious effort to restructure obligations, and permitting adequate time off to recover. you’ll know you have paid back your sleep debt when you wake up feeling refreshed, and you do not feel excessively drowsy during the day.

If sleep deprivation is ongoing, and negative symptoms persist despite practicing good sleep hygiene measures, consultation with a healthcare provider is recommended.

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